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Mini Documentary

has featured Brotha Dudes and our story about our food and menu names, and the overall vibe of our restaurant, watch the "Mini Doc" below and
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Brotha Duders

Alec edit.jpg

Meet: Alec Blume

He's been Brotha Dudin' for about 10 months.
Favorite Menu Item: Dudes Blunt with Tofu
Why this is his favorite, "Everything I love in a convenient package. The rice is always perfect and the East-coast slaw is delicious. Anytime I'm feeling bummed out I walk down the block to grab a blunt and it cheers me up everytime. Keep it up!"
Alec also has to say about Brotha Dudes: "Staff is always super friendly and they have something here for everyone. Anytime someone asks me where to eat in Bellingham I tell them 'Brotha Dudes,' it always exceeds their expectations. You can tell they make it with love."
Much, much love, Alec!

(July, 2017)

theo tofuben edit.jpg

Meet: Theo Radke

He's been working for Brotha Dudes since we opened last August.
Favorite Menu Item: Brotha Reuben with Tofu instead of Corned Beef.
He says, "I call this a 'Tofuben' and it's super bomb, I have it probably 3 times a week. I went vegetarian a handful of months ago and first started substituting tofu and falafel for my proteins. The Tofuben has been one of my favorites by far!"
He also says, "Brotha Dudes is the best place I've ever had the pleasure to work for, as well as the dankest grub I've gotten my mitts on, I'm stoked to be a part of the Brotha Dudes Culture!"

(July, 2017)

Benji edit.jpg

Meet: Benji

He's been Brotha Dudin' for half a year now.
Favorite Menu Item: Dudes Blunt with EXTRA Falafel
Benji says, "The perfect combo of Mexican and Mediterranean in one perfectly rolled blunt. Without Brotha Dudes' falafel, I'd feel awful."
Thanks, Benji!

(July, 2017)

randy edit.jpg

Meet: Randy Stewart

He's been Brotha Dudin' from the start!
Favorite Menu Item: "All of the food" (He's featured with a Dudes Bowl with chicken)
He says, "I just love all your food" 😁
Randy also has to say about Brotha Dudes:
We need one in Port Townsend

Perhapsably, in the future, Randy.
Thanks for Brotha Dudin'!

(June, 2017)

shannon edit.jpg

Meet: Shannon Tenborg

She's been Brotha Dudin' for about one month now.
Favorite Menu Item: Hippie Bowl ☮️ with no Goji Berries and extra Roasted Sweet Potatoes.
She says, "It's light, filling, and has a delicious dressing that brings it together well. ❤️"
She also has to say about Brotha Dudes; "Great atmosphere! Also love all the art and crystals around."
Thanks, Shannon!

(June, 2017)

hayden edit.jpg

Meet: HAyden Ramsay

He's been Brotha Dudin' since September 2016.
Favorite Menu Item: The Dudes Sandwich, with no modifications because "Nothing beats the classic," He says, "It's got everything but the kitchen sink. The perfect blend of sweet and savory with a hint of spice. Not to mention, it's super messy which always makes for a great sandwich"
He also says, "Brotha Dudes is the best place to be. It's a family of great people who want only the best for everyone who walks in the door."
Thanks, Hayden!

(June, 2017)